Stop, Drop, 'n Roll Contest

Children ages 3 - 6


The Stop, Drop, 'n Roll Contest consists of a video submission from children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. During this video, the child should explain why we would need to stop, drop, and roll, how to do so, and demonstrate it on camera. Don't forget to include your blooper reel in your submission! Creativity is welcome!

Firefighter Agility Course Contest

Children up to 12 years of age


This contest is all about creativity and adaptations! Each year at our Open House, hundreds of children complete the physical agility challenge that replicates the test that Peters Township Firefighters are required to take each year. 

Because we can't do this together, we are encouraging children to design their own agility course with items found around the house. 

Some examples of skills normally found in firefighter physical agility testing:

  • Ladder climb

  • Ladder carry

  • Hose drag

  • Hose operation

  • Tunnel crawl

  • Equipment Shuttle

  • Victim drag

These skills can easily and safely be replicated with items around your home! We are looking to see how creative our aspiring firefighters can be. 

Your video should record the entire timed agility course. Don't forge to include your outtakes!


We ask that you fill out the form below for each child that will be participating in the contest.

Once your video is filmed, we welcome you to upload them to social media and tag Peters Fire on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Additionally the file can be emailed to or can be shared with us via dropbox or icloud (

We can't wait to see your submissions!